We are pleased to announce we are now accepting Pirate Chain (ARRR), On their website they declare A truly private, decentralised block-chain, delayed proof of work (dPoW). And it truly is that. For layman’s terms it is like Bitcoin but a LOT more anonymous! It is even more private and anonymous than Monero (another great privacy coin).

Now a lot of people will say that Bitcoin is anonymous, and yes compared to PayPal it is, you don’t need to connect you bank account or anything else that can be attributed to ID, however, Bitcoin is still an open ledger and anyone who know what they are doing can follow every transaction and even know how much Bitcoin you have on your Bitcoin wallet.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the biggest problem in the world, but it is still problem and for this reason I highly recommend investing or at-least holding some privacy cryptocurrencies.

For you buying Rick Simpson Oil you can use whatever Cryptocurrency you like, what you are doing is not wrong and no-one is acting fraudulently or immorally, however, for many people privacy is an important thing.

At the time of writing Pirate (ARRR) is about £0.06 per coin, we see this as a true bargain as this is likely to be the coin of choice for all privacy based platforms very soon. So not only will Pirate be a great way to pay, if you accumulate a bit here and there you will also be making a sound investment.

We have not integrated Pirate into our checkout so if you wish to pay with this please email us and we will send you a custom order, as soon as payment has cleared we will dispatch your order immediately!