Terms & Conditions

Terms and Condition

Please read this terms and conditions stated below, which outline a lot of legal goodies, but the bottom line is it’s our aim to always take care of our community. We’ve included many of these terms to legally protect ourselves, but if you have an issue, always feel free to email us at info@ricksimpsonoil.co.uk and we’ll do our best to resolve it in a fair and timely way .

Product Buy & delivery policy

  1. We do not get involved in the sales, manufacturing or handling of Rick Simpson Oil, we are an information-only resource, we make recommendations on suppliers who have good reviews and are ones which we have also tried ourselves and have deemed good enough to recommend. As for our upcoming merchandise and information products, we are open and upfront to say that all payments are processed securely through Stripe or PayPal. RickSimpsonOil does not directly process payments through the website. So any kind of Problem if you face RickSimpsonOil will Not Take any responsibility.

Product Buy & delivery policy

As for the purchasing of Rick Simpson Oil, this is not for us to judge anyone legally or morally about how they decide to treat themselves. We have found no complaints from anyone we recommend, and any complaints that have been made were addressed to the point there was 100% customer satisfaction. Until otherwise we will continue to recommend companies that operate ethically until we hear otherwise.

Refund Policy

Since RickSimpsonOilUK is not offering physical products, we do NOT issue refunds after a purchase is made as we are only a product and company review company. If there is a problem with one of the products or if you experience any difficulty with the purchase, we will do everything we can to fix the issue; as online businesses are built on the reputation we see this is usually enough of an incentive for companies we recommend to perform well. Again we will do our best to assist if anyone we recommend performs poorly, however, this is not something we have had to do or are likely needing to do so any time soon.

Support Policy

We are always welcoming of any feedback you have of the products or information we recommend and we are always looking to improve our information resource and the more information we get, the more we can develop and improve our information resource.

Why We Support:

  1. Support covers our publishing of information that promotes medical marijuana, especially in the field of THC Oil (RSO/Rick Simpson Oil).
  2. We write articles on the latest developments both in the established medical field and from individuals and help promote their experiences with medical cannabis and the results of these treatments.
  3. From the feedback and findings we get from individuals and medical research, we put together this information to help and improve the knowledge to hand to make medical cannabis more effective.

The Best Offers we could find!

These are products that we have found so far to be effective, please contact us if you have found any products or news you wish to discuss.

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