THC Dosage for Pain Relief.

  • By RSO Team
  • 03 May, 2020
THC Dosage for Pain Relief.

The only time I would recommend people to start with higher doses would be if their life was really in danger or to take away from them dangerous and addictive pain relieving drugs provided by the medical system.

Should I Take Heavy Doses of Rick Simpson Oil or any Cannabis for Pain Relief?

When patients start oil treatment and are using these addictive pain relieving medications, they usually cut their pain medications in half and will likely also find that they no longer require the use of most other medications. Many dangerous pain relieving drugs such as hydro-morphine are addictive in nature and patients will find it difficult to stop using them due to the withdrawal symptoms they will suffer because they have become highly dependent on these substances.

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The oil will allow patients who are ingesting it to suffer much less from the withdrawal symptoms from the medications they were using and can usually replace the use of these dangerous drugs in 2-3 weeks and often less time is required. The goal is to ingest enough oil to reduce pain and help the patient eliminate these dangerous drugs as quickly as possible.

What about Pain Relief for Stage 4 Cancer?

For the most part, pharmaceutical products are little more than toxins, and once the patient begins to ingest the oil, the presence of these toxic drugs can often start to give them stomach problems. This is caused by the fact that the oil recognizes these chemicals and poisons for what they really are and the oil wants to expel them from the patient’s body. Once the patient stops swallowing these so-called drugs, their stomach problems disappear and in most cases they find that the only drug they really need is oil.

For those suffering from terminal cancer, the oil will cure their cancer or in cases where it is too late to affect a cure, the oil will allow them to experience little or no pain and at least then they can die with dignity. Even if doctors have only had a short period of time to live with doctors, don’t think of their situation as hopeless, because very often the oil is still able to bring them back to a healthy state.

If cancer cannot be reversed with the use of this oil, it is not unusual for the patient to continue to live for many months longer than expected and during that extra time he gives him, often he cannot experience an excellent quality of life.


THC is an AMAZING pain relief in general, and due to it not just being great at pain relief, it actually does great work on the body and simultaneously gets to the root of the problem. Not only will it take the pain away, it will also heal you too.

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