Rick Simpson Oil for Arthritis.

  • By RSO Team
  • 12 May, 2020
Rick Simpson Oil for Arthritis.

A Centuries-old Cure for Arthritis?

Rick Simpsons oil is introduced as a healing substance; its perceived benefits are very often limited to the fight against cancer. However, hemp oil brings with it the cure of an endless list of diseases, and the one we are going to cover here; arthritis.

Rick Simpson; a thought leader in the cannabis oil movement from which it is named, began using the oil, not only did he treat skin cancer. Simpson has had arthritis in the knees for years and, after starting to ingest the oil, claims to have wholly lost arthritis. It is documented that marijuana extracts have been used to treat arthritis since 2800 BC.

First, we must identify the disease. Arthritis is a joint-affecting disorder that, despite being more common among the elderly, can affect people of all ages. Today, over 52 million people across North America suffer from one of two types of arthritis. This illness is characterised by joint inflammation, which can cause severe pain levels. Arthritis is a combination of over 150 diseases that damage the patient’s joints and skeletal structure, is grouped into two forms, which are rheumatoid arthritis and arthrosis. Both types have similar symptoms of joint swelling and a limited ability to move. Arthritis patients always testify to how they live in an eternal sense of fatigue, pain, and total discomfort.

Over the years, a myriad of alleged arthritis remedies has been propagated, from the hundreds of chemicals emitted by pharmaceutical companies to the endless homoeopathic recipes that are said to cure the disease. However, recent studies have reinforced claims that cannabis is the only substance that has proven its effectiveness as a real remedy for arthritis. A recent survey conducted by a team of researchers in Central South University’s second Xiangya hospital in China provides us with scientific evidence of how the whole process goes when cannabinoid intake occurs, whether by ingestion, oral absorption or any other method.

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What the Experts Say?

These studies show that cannabinoid treatment has a significant effect in reducing the damage affecting the cartilage of the patient with osteoarthritis. Cartilage is the smooth coating that we have on our joints and which prevents bones from grinding directly, causing severe pain and leading to limited movements.

Almost identical results were reported by Emily Gray Brocius, who writes on Extract, a magazine dedicated to the defence of the legalisation of marijuana. The study that Emily reports were published in the United States National Library of Medicine and shows that treatment with synthetic cannabinoids can reduce cartilage damage associated with osteoarthritis.

First of all, cannabinoids are chemicals found in the cannabis plant. They can also be artificial to mimic the cannabis plant, and these are called synthetic cannabinoids. Cannabinoids can also be found naturally within our body and are labelled as endocannabinoids. The most famous of the 85 existing cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD.) THC is our main concern here. Rick Simpson oil is a concentrated extract of THC. Due to the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of the substance, its efficacy as a treatment for osteoarthritis patients is substantially superior to any pharmaceutical alternative, which has been witnessed by many as pain boosters rather than pain relief.

A former rheumatoid arthritis patient, John Donovan, once described the use of commonly prescribed drugs as equivalent to carpet bombing your home after discovering cockroaches. John used cannabis as a remedy for his arthritis, which started from the age of 16 and was not cured or even eased of pain until he resorted to cannabinoid treatment. In the United States, he has since campaigned to legalise medical marijuana, and his efforts with many others in the state have led to massive progress on this front, as a bill before the United States Senate is expected to pass in 2017 legalising the use of cannabis oil for medicinal use.

Going back to the healing effects of THC, the substance has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety associated with arthritis, which has been reported by many patients with the disease, especially those who have achieved limited mobility. The effects of cannabis in the treatment of arthritis have become so evident that today there are companies, such as Vancouver-based Cannabis Technologies, that are working on developing new types of cannabinoid-based therapy for use in the treatment of arthritis.


If you feel like us and many others that Rick Simpson Oil is worth a try for your Arthritis, then why not try a Small Sample order from one of the companies we recommend; if you know of other companies who have been good for you we would love to hear from you. But start small to begin with, but make allowances for delays to ensure you have no disruption to your dosage, consitency is key to effective treatment!

Doin it this way will give you a chance to try its effects and if it is worth committing to a bigger order in the future.

If you visit the website of Rick Simpson, Phoenix Tears or any of the other sites, blogs or Youtube channels dedicated to medical marijuana, such as the CannabisPatientNet channel on Youtube, there will be testimonials from people who have been able to relieve their suffering with arthritis and hundreds of people who have been completely cured using cannabis oil treatment, including Rick Simpson himself. While the drugs continue to demonstrate their failure to treat the disease, Rick Simpsons oil remains the only real cure for arthritis. It has been able to provide thousands of sufferers with regular lives that this severe illness he had denied them.

Disclaimer: The principles contained herein are not intended or intended as substitutes for professional medical advice, but are only reached for educational confidences. You should acknowledge full responsibility for the way you decide to use this information.

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