Problems Faced using Rick Simpson Oil With Other Drugs.

  • By RSO Team
  • 25 Apr, 2020
Problems Faced using Rick Simpson Oil With Other Drugs.

We are not doctors, so if you have any questions regarding the use of RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) in conjunction with various pharmaceutical products, consult a doctor who supports and has experience with medical cannabis.


Be careful when starting treatment with Cannabis oil which will lower your blood pressure, so if you are currently taking blood pressure medications, likely, you will need to be mindful of the dosage you take for this and in the longer term may no longer need them.

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Often patients will try to continue using their blood pressure medications, but if taken together with the oil, their combined effect can lower the patient’s blood pressure to too uncomfortable levels. This is why in our previous guide about Rick Simpson Oil Dosage, we explain why it is important to start in small, frequent doses.

It is a good idea for those starting oil treatment to check their blood pressure often and then reduce the intake of other blood pressure medications as their blood pressure levels drop.

If a patient has already suffered from low blood pressure, I have had reports from people who have this condition and have stated that simply drinking a little water when they started to feel uncomfortable helped to some extent.

Those with low blood pressure in some cases may find it necessary to ingest even smaller doses of this drug and increase their dosages accordingly. But since this drug doesn’t pose a danger, I think their bodies will adapt to the effects of the oils in a short time, after which they should experience little to no difficulty with its use.

Diabetics should also be aware that they will generally find that their need for insulin will be reduced and may even decrease to the point where they no longer need to use it and the same goes for most other pharmaceutical products. Diabetics are diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and regardless of the type you suffer from, it is still useful to use this oil because it will not only decrease the need for insulin but will also protect your body from all other this disease can cause.

Also, keep in mind that when the patient takes RSO (Rick Simpsons Oil) many people find that if they are using drugs like steroids/pain relievers/morphine, they produce horrible side effects when mixed, so many people cut their medications by half a day one – then reduce and stop the drugs for 7-14 days – mixing the drugs with the oil can produce unwanted side effects.


There are many examples of where people taking large amounts of morphine to relieve the pain during Cancer treatment, no longer need the morphine, sometimes within a day or two, feel no need to take it due to the great pain relief that Rick Simpson Provides, in my opinion, taking Rick Simpson Oil for this reason alone makes complete sense. If you have had or known anyone who has had to endure taking morphine, I am sure you will see where I am coming from.

The main conditions/medications we experience are heart, blood pressure and diabetes and to monitor levels closely over about 3 months.

If you feel I have left anything out or have any questions please feel free to Contact Us or leave comments on this page.

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