How to Test Your Rick Simpson Oil for Quality and Purity

  • By RSO Team
  • 22 Nov, 2019
How to Test Your Rick Simpson Oil for Quality and Purity

THC CBD Testing Kits

We recommend testing Rick Simpson Oil or any cannabis for that matter; regardless of whether you buy from someone we recommend or anyone else.

If you are unsure about THC oil then we can only suggest you try 1g (1 Gram) sample order, then you can see the quality and purity for yourselves. You will find this at

Why Test the Quality and Purity of Rick Simpson Oil?

Unfortunately, there are lots of misleading information out there with Rick Simpson Oil and Cannabis Oil in general. We find this very upsetting, especially when the quality of the medication is so significant to the person who needs it. Also, it gives honest producers like ourselves and the Cannabis industry a bad name.

We encourage our readers or anyone who takes Cannabis oil to test what they buy to make sure they are getting what they pay for. RICK SIMPSON OIL UK

There are many ways of testing Cannabis for its quality and purity; some methods are more expensive than others. There are independent lab tests, which can be quite expensive (£100 – 800 per test), that is out of most peoples budget. Luckily or us nowadays there are some accurate THC home-testing kits you can buy online.

We recommend the home testing kits because they are more than accurate enough for individual needs. Even with the more comprehensive testing kits suck as, you can test many samples of your Rick Simpson Oil at regular intervals for as little as a £2 / $2.50 per test.

Alpha Cat tests work well with flowers and hashes but also concentrates. We will be posting a video of our own soon, showing us testing Rick Simpson Oil.

The Rick Simpson Oil we recommend has a Potency of 80-90% THC and 15-20% CBD. We believe these to be the best levels of THC and CBD for curing Cancer with Cannabis!

Rick Simpson Oil – THC or CBD?

We encourage the public to be aware of this before buying from those sites who are taking advantage of people who are in a desperate search for a cure; CBD has many uses and can have some benefits to people with Cancer, however, nothing like THC! Tetrahydrocannabinol is the real deal, and we encourage you to accept no less!

Advice for using the Alpha Cat Testing Kit for RSO Oil.

As we said, there are many home testing kits for testing the Cannabis quality; we find the Alpha Cat to be the most accurate and the most comprehensive. It does cost a little more, but it is worth the extra; we are not affiliated with them and will not use affiliate links as we want the tests to be impartial and independent.

How Does the Alpha Cat Testing kit work?

Alpha-CAT is a Cannabinoid Analysis Tool that combines the simple analytical method of Thin Layer Chromatography or TLC; with specific thin layers and producing fluid. Acknowledgements to this new protocol, the chief active ingredients of the cannabis plant components can be visualised due to an exact colouring reaction which represents the cannabinoids present in the sample. Alpha-CAT’s methods enable the detection and identification of six main cannabinoids present in Cannabis:

The Alpha Cat Testing Kit has this great Calibration Guide to Tell You The Purity of Your RSO!

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • Cannabinol (CBN)
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV)
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Cannabichromene (CBC)
  • An insignificant quantity of Cannabis (about 0.1 gram) is required per sample to produce an effective method of analysing the cannabinoid profile in differnet mixtures such as, trichome resins, oils, edibles and tinctures.

AlphaCAT helps you assess the effect of any specific strain with:

  • A CBD and THC reference chart for an indication of strength and potency Chemotype/cannabinoid profile which categorises the strain
  • A chemotype-effect table indicating the pharmacological effect to be anticipated
  • A symptom-cure guide; helping to determine which strain best helps to alleviate specific symptoms.

Summary: How to Test Rick Simpson Oil and Other Forms Of Concentrates

We have already droned on about testing Cannabis Enough,

One last thing we think is essential to cover is that testing the Oil differs slightly in terms of the technique than you would do for the more conventional test of testing Cannabis Bud or hashish for potency.

Because RickSimpson Oil is so potent, around 80-90% THC, compared to the 20% THC for an intense weed strain like Amnesia Haze, there has to be a couple of adjustments made to the test. This is nothing too complicated and is covered in the instructions which accompany the kit; however, we thought it would be worthwhile going over them here as Rick Simpson Oil is what most people are here for.

Regardless of whether or not your sample has a high or low percentage of cannabinoids, you can determine the levels of concentrate like RSO or any concentrate by simply applying the following simple rule on your sample:

Multiplication factor = (100 mg x 2µl) / samples weight (mg) X extraction fluid (µl)

For many, this may seem a little complicated; but don’t panic, broken down and explained it is nothing to worry about.

Concentrated samples (high cannabinoid concentration)

This is the appropriate method for Rick Simpson oil as the strength of THC and CBD is high.

When analysing high concentrate samples where you expect between 60% and 90% THC for example, you will take 40mg of samples with 1µl extraction fluid with the suitable capillary tube then:

Multiplication factor = (100 mg x 2ul) / 40 (mg) X 1 (µl) = 5

Then after spot calibration of the plate, if your chart shows 13% CBD multiply by 5, you will have 65% CBD in your sample.

Diluted samples (low cannabinoid concentration)

Although this is not as relevant is is still worth noting; in a case of low concentrate samples where you expect between 0.1% and 5% THC for example, you will take 200mg of samples with 8µl extraction fluid with the suitable capillary tube, then :

Multiplication factor = (100 mg x 2ul) / 200 (mg) X 8 (µl) = 0.125

Then after spot calibration of the plate, if your chart shows 5% THC multiply by 0.125, you will have 0.6% THC in your sample.

You can see this in more depth at, which is the official website for Alpha-Cat tests. But a good rule of thumb is to multiply the results you get by 5 to get a good, accurate reading of the Cannabinoid levels in your Rick Simpson Oil.

We are going to be doing a new post very soon for a dosage guide. Please subscribe to us to get the most up to date content from us!

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