Cannabis Suppositories.

  • By RSO Team
  • 27 Apr, 2020
Cannabis Suppositories.

Previously we covered the most common method of taking Rick Simpson Oil by Ingesting it, which is the most common method. Here we are going to cover taking Suppositories and what the advantages are of doing so.

For some time now, many people have shown interest in using this drug in the form of a suppository, because they think that by doing so they can avoid becoming high and for some, this may be somewhat true. I used this oil in a supposed form, but when I took a large enough dose in this way I can’t say that I didn’t feel the effects. I think that in some cases the use of suppositories is an excellent idea since I believe that the oil should be placed as close as possible to the medical problem being treated.

Therefore, for someone who suffers from something like prostate or bowel cancer, I think it might be more helpful for their medical problems to use the oil in this way.

However, I have seen many patients with these same medical ailments heal themselves simply by ingesting their dosages orally, so I will leave the method you wish to use up to you. - RICK SIMPSON

When the oil is used as a suppository, the medicinal cannabinoids contained in this oil enter the bloodstream directly via the liver.

But for those who suffer from things like stomach or liver cancer etc. I think it would be more useful to ingest the oil orally. If you are going to use suppositories to treat your medical problems, the suppositories should contain the same amount of oil, you would normally ingest orally and the dosage should be increased in the same way.

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The suppositories are simple enough to prepare, but you need to be careful how much oil they contain, so at the beginning, you may need an effort on your part to get the right dosage. Usually, pharmacies supply suppository moulds and all you have to do is use a substance like shay butter and then apply heat until it becomes a liquid, at which point you can add oil and then fill the moulds.

It is a good idea to put the moulds after they have been filled in a refrigerator, to allow the substance they now contain to harden and, after doing so, the suppositories are therefore ready for use. Besides, pharmacies can usually provide empty gel caps and the patient’s dosage can be inserted into the gel caps and then used as a suppository or can be taken orally, the gel cap will disintegrate thereby leaving the oil where it is a necessary place.

We are not aware of any companies that we recommend producing their own, some I am sure will be producing them, which you will soon be able to buy from their stores. At the moment said they are looking at the best packaging to use to make sure that it arrives in the best condition possible utilizing refrigerated packaging.

As I said, I think suppositories have their uses, but I find this method takes enough time and you have to be careful with the amount of oil added, so I still prefer to take my doses orally.

It should also be said that this oil has many anti-ageing qualities and can also rejuvenate vital organs. So don’t be surprised if the patient who is using it starts to look a little younger and any other problems he was having with his kidneys or other vital organs could simply disappear.

When people ingest the oil, I like to see them stay in their comfort zone, but the truth is that the faster you take the oil, the better your chances of surviving if you suffer from a serious condition like cancer.

We hope this has been helpful and feel free to ask questions or share ideas in the discussion area below.

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